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December 10, 2012
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"That little shrimp! Thinking he can just...Outdo me like that!" It would seem like today was any other day for the Babylon Rogue, Wave screaming at the top of her lungs, Storm doing anything but being useful on their blimp repairs, and Jet doing his best to ignore everything before it gets to be too much to bare. "I just can not let this stand at all! My mark at being a mechanical genius is at stake!" It would seem this time Wave was becoming quite annoyed with Tail's latest creation, something that even Eggman would desire to get his hands on. "But how...How did he make a machine possible to craft Chaos Emeralds with the same power and strength as a real one?!?" Waves eyes burning as she was reading a holo log of the news story from her pocket ball PC she wore around her neck, trying to learn just how she had be ousted in tech.

"It's no good, I'm not going to get anything like this at all! What I need to do, is to get my hands on it." By this point Jet couldn't bare hearing Waves constant yapping and pacing around the ship, bursting her door open while an exasperated expression on his beak. "YOU KNOW! If you REALLY hate that two tailed furball, why don't you just take him out already and be done with it! I'm SURE you got more then enough bombs stockpiled at this point!" Jet would get out looking like he really had enough of this. "...No, blowing it up wouldn't do me good. Tails could just build another one and I still wouldn't know how he made it!" Jet slapping his face as he would notice at this point Wave was in her own little world, too focused on her goals to hear anyone out, yet before he would storm on out, he would smirk a little just to see if he couldn't annoy Wave like this. "Well then, how about you make yourself look like one of his friends and sneak on in?".

What Jet thought he was doing was giving her a solution she couldn't use, instead... "...That's perfect! I can use a polymer nanite mixture to make myself look and sound like someone else! Then all I would have to do is just walk on in, steal his gadget, and walk on out! Perfect!". With stars in her eyes Wave would begin using her little PC to start working on blueprints on her creation, all while Jet sat in the doorway, jaw dropped a bit, only to murmur "...I can't believe she's going to even try that..." before walking off, at least thinking towards himself that she's going to be a lot more quite anyway. Indeed, it would be a few days before much of anyone would hear from her outside of the small sparks and hisses of machinery from her room.

"Hmmm, it's still not ready yet thought..." Wave would remark, at this point building an handgun like gadget, a pick fluid brimming in a capsule of it as she looks over her digital notes a bit. "I can get it to replicate the look and sound of Amy Rose, but the texture of the stuff is still too smooth and shiny..." On a nearby platform would be a dummy of Amy Rose, some of the pink goo on the floor, showing that it chances are became such as a testing subject. It was obvious thought that it wasn't her, it's polymer flesh was extremely glossy and smooth, nowhere close towards skin, more less would creek and leave creases at bends. "At least the voice changer works thought." Wave pressing a button on a remote, and the dummy being made to speak. "I'm a big idiot fat face!", coming in clear as day in Amy's voice.

" to fix this, how to make this work..." Wave getting very in depth with her work, trying to fine tune the gun's pressure release. Even with all of her focus thought, Wave wasn't as perfect as she would make out, and with a slight wind jolt, her screw driver would hit the capsule just a tad bit too hard, and the fluids inside would rush out, spraying her thickly! "Guhhhhaaaa~!! Th-this isn't good!" she would squawk out, letting go of her tools and gear to get this stuff off of her, yet it was already a bit too late, the slime starting to get to work on her, spreading across her body and feathers like a second skin, ensuring to coat her fully, yet without harming nor touching her garments.

Sadly for Wave, she made sure this transformation would cover everything, and she would only aim for the most fullest of perfection at that. This stuff would first encase her in a solid pink hold till it was just her body figure utterly smooth and sleek, then it would start to flood into her beak, nostrils, ear drums, and much towards her dismay, lower sexual holes to boot, filling her like slimy hallow tendrils while coating every part of her in it's mass. By the time she was fully slimed inside and out, it would start to shift her body features around, pulling in her long pigtails of hair to replace with a more spiky do, making her tail feathers now just a stub of what they once was, and compressing her beak inwards to make a more classical mouth. Gasping for air, she would fall onto her hands and knees, eyes adjusting towards how they now had to view the world as she would try to stand, looking herself into a mirror quickly.

If nothing else it worked, She had every feature of Amy Rose down, even towards breast size at that, yet she was still her her normal clothing, that could barley hold her new chest from popping out, as she would rub and test her coating, finding it solid with no seams at all, and that's where the true panic came in "...Oh no...I didn't" Wave noticing her mistake, only to then note that her voice was now that of the pink hedgehog "This is going to be hell to fix! I didn't even add a function towards this stuff to undo it yet! I am NOT going to stay stuck like this! I feel like some kind of blow up sex toy!"

Amidst Wave's returned yelling fits, Jet would end up opening her door once more, getting ready to try to hush her up, only to look at the Wave dressed rubbery Amy and start laughing his head off "Oho~! Yo-you actually did it huh? HAHAH! You are just such a fool you know that? Oh, I'm sure that'll work, you know, looking like a sex toy knock off is sure to ensure you are able to get in with them all popping boners!" Wave, unamused at Jet's jokes would just turn, walking towards one of her desk, and only turning around holding a large bundle of dynamite in one hand, with a lit fuse in another "Oh? You think this is a joke? Then how about I deliver you the punchline!" With that, yet another day for the Babylon Rogues would pass, With Wave damaging her blimp only to command Storm to fix it ( who never would ), Jet crispy critter going back towards his room hoping to avoid Waves wrath for a bit longer, and Wave squeaking along like a big breasted pink hedgehog who could barely fit her own clothing. Yes, all was normal. Almost normal.

A small idea I came up with. Story part was written by :iconlipucd: Also, there are two more parts to this little thing. Stay tuned. XD
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I bet if there was one, in the next panel she sprays him with one and he turns into Big. XD
geN8bigfan Jun 10, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
What's gonna happen to Wave next. 0.0
I hope they will come soon. I think it'll be interesting to see what Jet and Storm will become, even though I have somewhat of an idea of who they'll turn into. I could be wrong, but we'll just wait and see.
I like Wave better~ =w=
Woah! I like this a lot!
ScourgeFanatic101 Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
please update as fast as you can:D
Dell-AD-productions Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OrionTHedgehog Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, nice. ;)
I love the way you did this! I hope there will be more :D
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